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Club Captains Foreword

26 Apr 2018

I extend my warmest of welcomes to the stalwarts returning to AGCC, and the new faces of the Ardleigh Green’s Family. I imagine that you’re reading this from the depths of your garages, dusting down your bowling boots, oiling your bat or removing the grass stains from your whites obtained in week three of last year.

2018’s season is upon us with the first adults friendly taking place last week against Loughton. The league games start on the 5th May 2018. I encourage both the Adult teams on Saturday to be pushing for promotion. In the words of Yazz “the only way is up”.

The Colts get underway in a fixture against Upminster on the 13th May 2018. To our young aspiring 1st team players, we just ask that you enjoy yourself.  I will be sending my scout’s out to see how you’re getting on throughout the year ;)

The Sunday fixtures return from last years success.  It's fantastic to see adults and colts combine in these fixtures. It was great to watch the colts team develop throughout the season. The extra hard work put in by Louie Laws, Matthew Smith, Brandon Musselwhite and Ryan Lowe has provided invaluable to the colts team.  It has seen them become strong cricketers within their own age group and will stand them in good stead for the step up into the Adults team when the time comes. Some of the older members of the club have mentored them along the way and I’m proud of everyone's achievements.  This year will be no different and again we will watch them and others continue to develop into great cricketers.

Finances and Sponsors

We have to start by thanking Atlantic Fish for their support over the years. We would have not got this far without them, so once again thank you.

This leads us into this year, we are out looking for a new sponsor and the committee are out knocking on doors as you read this. If you have anyone that is interested in sponsoring us, either as a main sponsor or perhaps advertising on our social media outlets, please point them in the direction of myself or the committee. Therefore, it was really important that we supported registration night and we weren't a let down. A massive thank you to everyone that turned up and paid their membership early.

Behind the scenes

A big thank you to the committee and other members of Ardleigh Green who have put in a lot effort behind the scenes already to set us up for the season. Fixtures arranged, clubhouse tidied, new nets acquired just to mention a few. Everything that happens throughout the season doesn't happen by chance. People have donated their personal time and effort to get us ready for this season.  Again a huge thank you to those girls and guys.

The Committee

The Committee is mostly unchanged, however, there is an update.  The main change is the opening of a Social Media Coordinator post for whom Aaron Hills was voted in at the latest AGM. We wish him the best of luck in his new role.  For the full list visit

The Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month. If there's anything you want to bring up or if you have new ideas for the club/sponsorship etc please let us know ahead of the meeting and we'll be sure to put it on the Committee agenda.

Senior Captains

As many of your know Vic and I welcomed our amazing baby boy Henry 4 months ago, but as parenthood called I made the very difficult decision to step down as 1st team captain to concentrate on my family, cricket training starts early in the Cook household! However, I am pleased to announce that I will remain as Club Captain and have taken a new role as Vice Captain for the 1st team.  Lloyd Edwards, former second team captain, has been promoted to 1st  team captain and I wish him good luck in his new role.

Paul Doyle has taken the helm as the second team captain with Martin Cason being his appointed Vice Captain.

As previously mentioned, Sunday team will run again after a successful 2017 season.  As many of you know James Duhig is travelling the four corners of the Earth and as such he has stepped down as Captain, he's decided he can’t afford the commute! However, we are pleased to announce that Ellis Williams has taken over the mantle.  A huge congratulations to the new Captains and Vice Captains, we wish them the best of luck.


Andy Weston and Paul Doyle run a fantastic Colts section I look forward to hearing how well these teams are doing, news travels fast in the AGCC community.

We are delighted to report that All Stars is returning this year from 11th May 2018. So if you are interested or know anybody that might be interest get them to register. Paul Doyle is taking the Cricket on the Hill Scheme into local schools. He will be coaching children who might not have come across cricket before which will be good for promoting the Ardleigh Green club within the community and encouraging and inspiring children to take up the sport.



We are running various events throughout the season and we hope that you can all join us! It's always great to see new faces at our club so please feel free to bring family and friends. These events are our soul of our club and we look forward to seeing you there in support. They are always great events with plenty of memories to be made by all.  

You will find the full list of events on our website, please  watch out for posts and updates on both Twitter and Facebook. If you want to run an event then please let me know, we will fully support you and help where needed.

I wish you all the best for the up and coming year and I am sure this will be another great year for the club.

Chris Cook

Club Captain